Beyond Gravity

An incredible portrait of climbing in the new century, Beyond Gravity follows many of the world’s top climbers in their own disciplines.

From Lynn Hill and Nancy Feagin climbing hard sport routes to Barry Blanchard, Steve House, and Joe Josephson pushing the limits of aplinism on the Emperor Face of Mt. Robinson.

Narrated by renowned mountaineer and author Greg Child, Beyond Gravity combines stunning cinematography with an original score by DJ Brian to create a unique and compelling vision of today’s world of climbing.

Starring Katie Brown, Greg Child, Abby Watkins, Sean Isaac, Barry Blanchard, Lynn Hill, Nancy Feagin, and many more.


2001, 1 x 52’, CBC, ESPN
Black & White Productions
* Banff Film Festival World Tour 2002-2003
* Winner: Best Canadian Mountain Film, Vancouver Int’l Mountain Film Festival, 2001
* Winner: Best Film, ESPN X-Games Tube Film Festival, 2001
* Winner: Best Film on Precision Sports, Santander Film Festival, Spain, 2001


Watch is on HULU (U.S. only) HERE

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