Never Ending Thermal

Never Ending Thermal (2004) is an ‘Endless Summer’ for the free flying generation. The action-packed documentary features the adventures of Venezuelan pilots Herminio Cordido and Jorge Atramiz as they embark on an around-the-world flying odyssey.

Created by award-winning filmmaker Sean White, this highly produced film showcases the many disciplines of paragliding with top pilots from around the world and celebrates the spirit of the free-flight community.

The English language DVD features the 47-minute movie with subtitles in Spanish and French, plus many bonus features including an extensive 20-minutes making-of documentary (in three languages), trailers, outtakes, extra footage from St. Hilaire and Angels Falls, the entire original soundtrack and much more.

Commissioned by Outside Television for the Outdoor Life Network.

• Grand Prize of the Jury: Int’l Free Flight Film Festival, St. Hilaire 2004 (France)
• Best Adventure Film: Int’l Air Film Festival, El Yelmo 2004 (Spain)

Available on DVD here:

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