Beyond the Gates of Phu

For the first time in my career, I’ve been emotionally compelled to direct and edit a project where I was not involved in the shooting or field production. It’s the inspiring story of Mike and Chantal Schauch and what their team of trekkers discovered on a journey into Nepal’s remote valley of Phu. Their story is reminiscent of my own month-long experience in Nepal back in November 1997: a climbing adventure eclipsed by the enchanting mystique of the local people.

I’m proud and humbled to lend my story-telling talents to their cause. I hope this short film will offer viewers both a glimpse into a faraway place as well as a focal point for contemplating cultures on the brink of extinction.

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This is the official trailer for Beyond the Gates of Phu (2012), an 18 min documentary by Sean F. White and Climb For Change Enterprises Inc., which follows the journey of an adventure seeking entrepreneur and mountaineer with dreams of climbing in Nepal since childhood, and his wife, a soul-searching consultant ready to escape the western world to find new space and healing. They venture with their three friends, a photographer, a musician, and a nature artist, deep into the Himalayas of Nepal, close to the Tibetan border. Exploring an ancient Buddhist mountain culture, the team discovers a deeper purpose to their journey – one that would change their lives forever.

Copyright 2012 Sean F. White and Climb For Change Enterprises Inc.

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