WORLD PREMIERE, FEB 8, 2015 at the Victoria Film Festival - This was a fun independent feature film I shot on Red One MX and Red Scarlet. The entire film takes place inside a trunk. Yes, that’s right. Check-out the Times Colonist newspaper article HERE.

Starring Kayvon Kelly & Nicole Oliver (voice)
Directed and Edited by Martin de Valk
Screenplay by Keith Digby and Brian Paisley
Produced by Martin de Valk, Brian Paisley and Keith Rigby
Director of Photography: Sean F. White
Sound Design: Tim Archer
Production Designer: David Springbett
1 AC: Rory Lambert

1st AC Rory Lambert (L) and sound recordist Tim Archer

Trunk – the movie

on the set of Trunk

Audio guru Tim Archer

1st AC Rory Lambert


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