Bahama Blue

2014, 6 x 1 hr, Discovery Channels International, Oasis HD
Parallax Film Productions

I’m excited to be teaming up with Parallax Film Productions to film this blue-chip natural history series for Discovery Channel International and OasisHD Canada in 2014.

Here’s the official press release:

Bahama Blue takes the viewer past the white sand beaches and beneath the idyllic turquoise water to show one of the fiercest natural habitats in the world. Because of its picture-perfect beauty, they will be drawn into a world where life and death unfolds in a natural, and at times horrifying, order.

Bahama Blue is an innovative 6 x 60-minute television series that explores the islands of the Bahamas in search for wildlife uniquely revealed through the lens of famed underwater cinematographer Pete Zuccarini. Zuccarini’s long list of impressive credits includes all four of the Pirates of the CaribbeanMovies, Life of Pi, Into the Blue, Act of Valor, Dolphin Tale, Piranha, Jumper, The Motorcycle Diaries, the recent The Lone Ranger movie and more.

Zuccarini, who grew up playing and filming in-amongst the Bahamas, says “Ian and I met twenty years ago on a shark show. From the beginning we talked about doing an underwater series together and what that would look like. We’ve explored all types of ideas before landing on this one. Here, I finally get a chance to dig in with Ian and Sean (White) and go to the places that I’ve wanted to shoot for a long time. Over the years I’ve logged these places as ones that I want to film one day for others to see, but there’s never been a chance, until now, to really take the time. And I literally mean, “take the time” because we’ll be collaborating to create new techniques in order to do time-lapse underwater filming amongst a number of other creative ways of to get the very best possible shot. We’ll be using a range of cameras from a Canon EOS 1D C, to a Canon Cinema C500, to a Red. We want to be able to get into small places never before shot in 4K. Add to all of this the propulsion equipment we’ll use to go through the crystal caves so that we can really capture the raw beauty of it…This is going to be an amazing series.”

Zuccarini will be joined by another well-known and respected cameraman, Sean F. White, whose photography, filmmaking and 3D Stereography has been showcased by the National Geographic Channel, Discovery, History, BBC Worldwide, Sports Illustrated, GQ, Men’s Journal and many others.

On working with Zuccarini during their recent Bahama Blue scout, White says, “I try to learn something on every shoot. On the scout I learned from Pete quite a bit about the technical challenges of underwater filming as well as a great deal about the tricks of filming animal behaviour which is the key to getting the money shots. I in-turn shared with Pete some of my tips and strengths in terms of time-lapse photography.”

Known for their ground-breaking work with 3D, Parallax producers Herring and Leivo are again using a format that best suites the subject, in this case 4K to document wildlife and natural history. When it comes to the cameras that will be used on the series, the producers plan to use whichever 4K camera is best for the shot, offering more than four times the resolution of high definition. “I am going for a cinematic look,” says Herring. “The resolution is like film – and you can see the difference between a cinema piece and video camera piece. We are shooting with cinema cameras – the same cameras that shoot Life of Pi, The Hobbit, etc.”

“We’re thrilled to be co-producing such a fantastic blue chip, underwater series that is a perfect fit for Oasis,” said Vanessa Case, EVP, Programming, Blue Ant Media.

Bahama Blue goes into production early in 2014.

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