Sean at Machu Picchu, Peru. Photo by Deddeda

Sean F. White is an award-winning photographer, cinematographer and film director whose assignments and personal projects take him to all corners of the globe. From documentaries and dramas to special projects on all seven continents, Sean embraces his subjects with passion and wonder.

His work is internationally acclaimed for its exceptional storytelling and unique visual style. Credits include National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, History Television, BBC Worldwide, PBS, NHK, APT, OLN, CH4, 3Net, Sports Illustrated, GQ, Men’s Journal, National Geographic Adventure, Outside Magazine, and many others.

In addition to shooting and directing, Sean is a pioneer in developing camera systems and techniques to capture unique aerial, underwater, time-lapse, and point-of-view perspectives for his assignments. He is a leading-edge user and developer of stereoscopic 3D film production camera systems. In August 2010, he designed 20 high definition stereo cameras to capture a massive stadium implosion in Brazil for the program Blowdown 3D, the first ever event-based 3D television special for National Geographic. Visit the Parallax 3D blog.

Sean is the creator of several cult adventure sport films including “Beyond Gravity” (2000), “Into the Thunder Dragon” (2002), and  “Never Ending Thermal” (2004). These iconic films prompted Outside Magazine’s to name him to their list of Top Ten Adventure Filmmakers.

He is a member of International 3D Society, the International Stereoscopic Union, a contributing photographer to Design Pics photo agency and a contributing cinematographer to Getty Images.

He is a regular guest lecturer at photography and filmmaking events and conducts workshops and training for 3D content creators. Workshops for groups, institutions and individuals available upon request.

When he’s not traveling, he spends as much time as possible at home in Tofino, BC, Canada.

Photo by Rory Lambert (C) 2010 Parallax Film Productions Inc.

Sean with his custom built EX3 beam splitter rig filming “Battle Castle” in the UK for Parallax Film Productions. Photo: Rory Lambert